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Sales Consulting – B2B

Strengthen your business with WeGlobal’s specialized B2B Sales Consulting service tailored for Small & Medium Businesses and Startups. Our comprehensive partnership includes the creation of a detailed Sales Playbook covering Industry Research, Sales Development, and Training. Services encompass Market Mapping, Customer Segment Mapping, Distribution Strategy, and Sales Funnel Management. With a focus on strategy development and execution support, WeGlobal ensures actionable insights for measurable outcomes. Choose WeGlobal to transform your sales strategy with expert guidance.

Business Transformation

At WeGlobal, digitalization and process reengineering signify our unwavering commitment. Through a thorough collaboration, we strive to understand, develop a roadmap, and implement your tailored business transformation system, tailored to meet your enterprise’s unique needs. Grounded in industry best practices, our approaches ensure precision and efficiency in your business operations

Business Plan

Our Business Plan services involve creating a comprehensive outline for a new or established venture, meticulously assessing its economic feasibility. Our team of business plan writers and consultants collaborate to develop this report, serving as a management tool for communication with stakeholders and as a measurement tool for lenders, partners, or investors.”

Sales Consulting

At WeGlobal, we understand the pivotal role that sales performance plays in the success of any business. That’s why we offer expert Sales Consulting services to help organizations maximize their sales potential. Our team of seasoned Sales Consultants possesses a wealth of experience and a proven track record in driving sales growth across various industries. By meticulously assessing each client’s unique situation, we tailor our strategies to address specific challenges and capitalize on opportunities. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering tangible results. We prioritize actionable insights and practical solutions that empower our clients to achieve measurable improvements in their sales performance. With WeGlobal as your partner, you can trust that our Sales Consulting expertise will guide you towards sustainable success in today’s competitive marketplace.

The sales consulting process typically includes

Market Analysis and Research:

The Sales Consultant examines current market conditions and formulates a tailored strategy. This involves gathering and analyzing data on customer purchasing patterns, competitive pricing, and other vital market elements. The strategy may encompass targeted promotional campaigns, product packaging enhancements, or market expansion.

Implementation of Strategies

The Sales Consultant oversees the execution of strategies to meet client needs. This includes crafting targeted marketing initiatives, establishing customer-centric sales processes, utilizing technology effectively, and adapting to evolving customer demands. Collaboration with sales professionals ensures accurate and efficient implementation for optimal results.

Development of Action Plan

The consultant designs a comprehensive action plan detailing the desired objectives. This may involve marketing strategies, customer surveys, data analysis, and refinement of sales materials. The plan is presented to the client for thorough discussion, ensuring alignment with specific goals and flexibility for adjustments.

Continuous Monitoring for Evaluation

Following implementation - Sales Consultants continuously monitor their efforts to gauge effectiveness. This ongoing assessment enables identification of improvement opportunities and timely corrective actions. Insights into customer behaviour, competitive dynamics, and market trends inform decision-making and refinement of strategies.

Debt & Equity Advisory

  • Debt Syndication Offerings – Working Capital, Project Finance, Equipment Loans, Structured Financing, Acquisition Funding.

  • Private Equity Venture Capital & Private Equity Funding

  • Financial Advisory Our Focus is primarily on providing Advisory services in the areas of Corporate Finance, Capital structuring, Transaction advisory, M&A, Buy/Sell, Group structuring, Value creation.

  • Retail Loan Syndication Facilitating finance to Retail & SME clients for their various needs regarding all types of loan products.


Legal - Corporate Advisory

Navigate the complexities of corporate law confidently with WeGlobal’s expert Corporate Legal Services, ensuring your business operates on a solid legal foundation

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Compliance Services

  • Formation of new companies / limited liability partnerships, domestically and internationally

  • Conversion of existing companies / partnership firms into limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and vice versa

  • Electronic filing of various documents and returns with regulatory bodies. Secretarial compliance services

  • Review and maintenance of secretarial records.

  • Representation before central government, Company Law Board, and other regulatory authorities

  • Organization and management of different meetings such as board of directors and shareholders meetings

  • Dissolution and winding up of companies and LLPs.

Commercial Law Advisory Services

  • Conducting impact analysis under the Companies Act 2013

  • Advisory services on corporate laws, SEBI regulations, Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), labour laws, and related legislation

  • Assisting in mergers, amalgamations, joint ventures, absorption, and external reconstruction schemes

  • Designing legal compliance frameworks and conducting compliance audits

  • Drafting and reviewing commercial agreements and corporate documents including joint ventures, foreign collaborations, shareholders’ agreements, property transactions

  • Legal due diligence

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Bookkeep & Accounting

Streamline your finances and drive business success with WeGlobal’s comprehensive Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

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Preparing tax returns, Payroll services, Cash handling services, E-Accounting services, preparing financial statements, Accounts payable/receivable, Trial balance reconciliation, Preparing balance sheet

Preparing tax returns, Payroll services, Cash handling services, E-Accounting services, preparing financial statements, Accounts payable/receivable, Trial balance reconciliation, Preparing balance sheet

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